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Nicolas - April 2018

“I like many other non primary carers am not in this position by choice. With a broken system and nothing but a sense of absolute hopelessness & a mounting legal bill that had the potential to ruin a lifes worth of work, I continued to look for answers. What I found was Gil Avenaim. Gil is there to help you understand the process, to get you to court, devise a plan to cope with your vindictive ex-spouse and stop the fiscal haemorrhaging. Gil will help you prepare the all important court documents like an affidavit, notice of risk, and financial statement. He will also coach you on representing yourself at court. I found Gil late in the piece, but I wish I had of found him much earlier as his advice would have changed the course of my case significantly”.
Thanks for all of your help Gil, Regards Nicolas Hook.​

COMMENT - Nicolas was quite emotional and angry when I first met him...and rightly so, he hadn't seen his son for quite some time. That type of anger can sometimes interfere with seeing the 'big picture', which in this case was getting Orders to spend time with his son. Once we dealt with the emotion, it was head down and bum up getting all the paperwork ready and talking strategy. Nicolas quickly grasped where we were going with all of this and realized that time with his son now was much sweeter than a protracted Court battle which may or may not have gone the way he would have liked. He was able to negotiate a suitable financial settlement and parenting orders allowing both parties to move on with the next chapters of their lives.  Good luck Nicolas.

Roger - Jan 2018

"I divorced 4 years ago. I was seeing my children regularly, mid week, weekends and holidays.
Then I met a new partner, fell in love, and decided to move up North. My ex decided that a father should not move away from his children and promptly cut off all access. As a result I didn’t see my children for 10 months and the relationship with them was quickly breaking down, I was angry, hurting and nothing made sense. I felt like giving up, starting a new family and forgetting the old one. 

Then I sat down with Gil.  He convinced me to go on the front foot. File an application in Court, demand that I see the children every second weekend including flying up North to stay in my home. He helped me with the Court application, writing the affidavit, coached me on what I should say to the Family Consultant who was commissioned by the Court to write a Family Report, helped me prepare for the first Court date, what I had to say to the Judge, how to deal with the other side, how to negotiate and get the access that I wanted... and most importantly, he was there to listen when
​I was losing it and needed someone to convince me it was still worth fighting.

Gil was certain that the other side would try and settle before Court, and he was right. My ex made an initial offer which we rejected immediately, sticking to our proposal of equal time. Gil stood firm, He said 'you had equal time before, and you should get nothing less now!"  So I did, I held out and finally got acceptance from my ex to all my demands. - every second weekend, including time up North and half holidays.   

The children are back in my life! 

Thank you saved me $100,000 by not going to Court, but more importantly you saved my relationship with my children and gave me the chance to be a father again."

COMMENT - Roger was a lovely man whom sadly was on the receiving end of an ex who decided to play the 'possession is nine tenths rule'.  So it was a matter of time, patience, and showing strength. He was always going to get his kids back but the question was how long? by showing strength early on, self representing, and doing all the admin ourselves, we ere able to keep costs down, maintain control, and get a quick result. Good luck Roger.