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The Relationship TalkTM

A comprehensive online discussion tool which couples can use to highlight and address issues and topics vital to laying the foundations for an honest, open, and rewarding relationship.

The Relationship Talk TM was developed to assist couples with addressing and dealing with 'taboo' subjects early on in their relationship. Many of us just don't want to go there. Many of us prefer to wait till the relationship has 'settled in' before discussing things like children, religion, finances, career, education, hanging out with your mates, even sexual boundaries.

So you wait till the right time to discuss these topics, sometimes years later, over dinner or a drink, and surprisingly you don't get the reaction you expected! Now what? that a show stopper?...can you wind back the clock and start again?
​Do you continue with the relationship kowing that some things will never be what you want?

Be sure NOW! Use the Relationship Talk to flesh out those issues which need addressing NOW!

Sit with your partner and go through each question one by one and discuss each person's thoughts and views on that issue.
Agree or Disagree?
- mark your answers and move on
​to the next question. At the end you'll receive a summary report highlighting the issues you could not agree upon
A great way to address and discuss issues that you just
never had the nerve to raise! 
Now the Relationship Plan
is asking all the questions,
not you're off the hook! 
and if the responses are not what you expected, then you can 'park'
them for further discussion.
Your Relationship Plan 
Summary Report at the end of the questions will highlight those issues which you both agreed upon,
​and those that you didn't agree upon. This is where you start to PLAN your relationship and ultimately your future together!