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“Nobody knows your story better than you. I’ll help you tell that story!”

Gil Avenaim is an ACCREDITED FAMILY DISPUTE PRACTITIONER, MEDIATOR, FAMILY LAW CONSULTANT, LIFE COACH and TRAINER who has spent many years navigating the Family Law system in an effort to understand the best ways to achieve a mutually suitable outcome for those parties involved. 

Having been exposed himself to the 'system' whilst trying to obtain a suitable outcome on parenting, Gil quickly realized that one can achieve a faster and less expensive result by taking the DIY approach (Do it Yourself). So he set about learning as much as her could about the system, processes, laws, how to file applications, write affidavits, negotiate with other parties, brief lawyers, speak to Judges, what to say and do at Family Conferences...and much more!

This would enable him to save a small fortune in legal fees by doing a lot of the preparation himself, and then that money could be better spent contributing to his child's future needs, and because he was in control of his own case, then but he would also achieve a much faster outcome, and be able to spend more time with his child sooner.

Gil also decided to add some qualifications and accreditation to the family law consulting business by becoming an Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner now he is available to help as either a CONSULTANT, ADVISOR, or MEDIATOR.